Custom Training Class – We will work with you to define a training class around your specific needs, tailoring the duration, content and delivery to meet your needs. Typical training classes are 1 – 3 days in duration and consist of a combination of instruction and facilitated activities. The most popular classes include: leadership development, project management, crucial conversations, change management, and strategic planning.


Strategic Planning – This one day facilitated planning session helps leaders and their key management team develop a strategic plan for the next business cycle. Pre-work is performed by our consultants to understand the environmental variables, stakeholder views, organizational strengths and weaknesses, desired future state, and business targets. This pre-work allows us to frame the conversations during the planning session with data and helps to ensure an effective outcome. If desired, we can also take the results from the planning session to produce a formalized strategic plan.


Meeting/Retreat Facilitation – Our consultants are experts at facilitating meaningful conversation and managing the dynamics during meetings and retreats to ensure a positive outcome. We will meet with you prior to the retreat to discuss goals and desired results to ensure that we guide the meeting appropriately. This allows the leadership team to participate as members in the discussions while an external facilitator guides the conversation. These engagements are typically ½ day or full day events.


Change Management Support – Leading a change initiative is extremely difficult and often meets with resistance. Our seasoned change management experts will spend a day with you laying out a change management plan based on their years of experience and best practices to help get you moving in the right direction. If desired, our consultants can provide ongoing support throughout the course of the project and conduct workshops with employees to help surface resistance to change and break down barriers.



While Xodus offers a wide variety of highly customizable services, the following list represents some of the more common client engagements, packaged in a way that makes it easier to understand what is involved and what the outcome will be. We will happily tailor each of these examples to meet your specific needs.



Organizational Spot Check – Many times, clients are interested in getting an outside evaluation of the health of their organization. We will meet with the business unit leader to understand his or her goals, priorities, and top concerns. We will also interview members of the organization and spend time observing operations to gather a broader view of organizational performance. This engagement usually consists of 3 days of onsite work which can be spread over time. At the client’s request, a survey can be developed and implemented, and deeper dives can be conducted in specific areas of concern.


Categorization of Work – Many of our clients struggle to meet the demanding needs of running their business. Additionally, decisions must constantly be made regarding the allocation of resources such as time, money and personnel. We work with our clients to identify and map their key business processes and then categorize the work steps contained within. Categorizing the work helps to differentiate between what is most important and demands the most resources vs. what is less critical. Typical engagements last 5 days, but vary depending on the number and complexity of business processes analyzed. At the end of this engagement, clients have a clear picture of the work performed in their organizations which is most important to their success, and are provided with a framework for strategic and resource decision making.


Problem Troubleshooting – Often times our clients already know that they have a particular problem and just need help diagnosing the root cause and developing a solution which minimizes unintended consequences. During this 2 day engagement, we go beyond just the surface level symptoms to the root cause and develop a recommended solution set to resolve the problem and improve organizational performance.



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