The world’s leading companies turn Xodus Business & Technology Solutions to assess and evaluate how organizational design and alignment can help them achieve long-term business results. For over 20 years the consultants of the Xodus team have helped their clients solve difficult organizational, people, and business problems. The team is integrated cross-functionally with a mix of educational, functional and industry backgrounds which enables Xodus consulting practitioners to draw upon a depth and breadth of resources to solve client issues from multiple perspectives, and provide best-in-class recommendations and deliverables to burning issues and complex problems.


Xodus Business & Technology Solutions maintains a core network of talented and proven professionals with extensive experience in both the private and public sectors across a broad range of industries and functional areas. Our consultants are smart, experienced, competitive and creative – ready to assist you in every endeavor.


Our principal staff is integrally involved in every client engagement, and we augment our project teams with members of our core network as needed. This enables Xodus to offer the full complement of skilled resources required to deliver solutions that are both seamless and value-added. Key members of our network include the following independent consultants:



Phillip T. Meade, Ph.D.

Dr. Meade has extensive experience in the Aerospace industry, working for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). During this time, he has developed skills in organization development, project management, process engineering, strategic planning, leadership communication, culture change, leadership development, and managing teams. This experience has been further refined through his academic work where he gained a Master's degree in Engineering Management and his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (which focuses on process improvement, efficiency and performance). His dissertation research focused on the development of a strategic framework for applying product strategy to high-tech companies.


Dr. Meade led the cultural and organizational changes required for return to flight at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) after the Columbia accident. In this position, he was on staff to the center director and worked across a 16,000 person workforce comprised of civil servants and contractors to improve leadership, communication, safety, processes and drive cultural change. After successfully leading the center through these changes and resuming safe Shuttle flights, he was asked to create an organizational development office at the center where he oversaw a team of internal consultants who developed and provided training, performed organizational assessments, consulted at all levels of management and routinely designed and facilitated strategic/leadership retreats. In addition to these specific experiences, Dr. Meade has personally led teams and organizations at various levels of management. In addition to his work with NASA, Dr. Meade has provided consulting and training services for an extensive list of clients across both the public and private sectors.

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Debra Murphy

Ms. Murphy has an impressive background working with companies of all sizes to help them achieve their business goals. After a distinguished career with State Farm where she rose to the executive level, Ms..Murphy began sharing her vast experience through consulting. She continues to work with State Farm agents, as well as many other companies to improve business processes, develop incentive programs, and help foster meaningful communication for positive change.


Jose Nunez, Ph.D., P.E., PMP

Dr. Nunez has an extensive background with NASA and was instrumental in the test, integration and assembly of the International Space Station. He has his Ph.D. in Industrial engineering with a focus on knowledge management. He has extensive experience with process improvement and project management and frequently teaches and consults on these topics.


Laura Gallaher, Ph.D.

Dr. Gallaher has a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology and has extensive experience leading consulting engagements with organizations. Her doctoral research focused on interviewing and use of humor during the selection process. She is a certified coach and works with executives and leaders at all levels. Dr. Gallaher excels at working with clients to tailor custom solutions to their unique needs through the development of training programs, facilitated meetings/retreats, and in-depth organizational analysis.


Melissa Koch, Ph.D.

Dr. Koch has a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology and has extensive experience leading consulting engagements with organizations. Her Ph.D. focused on performance management and she has done extensive work with organizations on engagement and employee morale. Additionally, she is certified as a personal and executive coach. Dr. Koch is skilled in survey design and analysis and has extensive experience working with companies to develop data driven solutions to complex problems.

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