With hundreds of engagements assisting companies ranging from start-ups to the world’s largest corporations, the Xodus Business & Technology Solutions team creates innovative strategies for proven business success. While no two engagements are the same, the following is a short list of example client solutions:



Solution 1

A client requested a custom class on systems thinking to supplement their leadership development program. Members of the Xodus staff developed a 2 day course specifically tailored around the objectives of the client’s leadership development program. The course was designed to integrate seamlessly within their existing program and utilized a combination of classroom instruction and interactive learning experiences. Additionally, at the client’s request, the Yale Assessment of Thinking was administered to all participants and their individual results were debriefed and incorporated into the learning experience. As one of the interactive exercises, the instructor facilitated a systems thinking analysis of a critical issue within the organization which had just recently become public utilizing causal loop diagrams. This helped to demonstrate in a very practical way how the course material could be applied within their organization. The course received extremely high reviews and was considered a great success by the client.


Solution 2

An organization was consistently struggling to make delivery of a key product on time. Members of the Xodus team performed a process analysis and uncovered a significant amount of rework occurring due to error correction. The process was restructured with an emphasis on eliminating rework and unnecessary steps. The process was simulated to ensure that the new design would achieve the desired results and to determine the effects of resource constraints. The resulting process provided a 40% reduction in cycle time as well as greater quality and worker satisfaction.


Solution 3

An engineering organization was struggling to determine how best to utilize its limited hiring capacity. In order to create the basis for a strategic framework, members of Xodus worked with the organization to categorize its work processes to identify the work content most strategically important to its core business. With this information, meaningful differentiation between the various positions enabled better decision making and a framework for staffing decisions. Additionally, recommendations were made regarding how to restructure existing positions to concentrate the strategically important work into fewer positions and more readily enable the outsourcing of non-critical work. The client adopted these recommendations and utilized them as the basis for their new talent review and hiring process.



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