Key Services


Project Management – a PMP certified instructor/consultant can help ensure that your projects successfully meet their objectives on time and within budget

Process Design/Improvement – whether it is designing a new process or improving an existing one, we can help your business run smoothly and efficiently

Work Categorization – all work is not created equal; we can help you categorize the work embedded in your processes to understand what tasks are the most strategically important to your business. With this knowledge, you can better allocate your time and resources.

Technology Strategy – We have special expertise in product and technology strategy and can help you develop and market a technology product, or assist in the selection of a specific technology to support your business

Modeling & Simulation – we have experts in modeling and simulation who can simulate your processes and operations to analyze different scenarios and provide recommendations for resource requirements and optimization as well as optimize key factors such as process time and throughput.

Systems Thinking – this is a philosophy that is embedded in all that we do, and we can help you and your staff learn to see the world from a systems perspective, enabling greater creativity in problem solving and avoiding the common pitfalls of unintended consequences.

Technology Integration – technology is a necessary cornerstone for most businesses today. We can help you integrate new technologies into your business processes while anticipating conflicts and incompatibilities and decreasing the learning curve.

Processes and Systems


Processes and systems are the core of what makes your business run. You need to be certain that they are aligned and streamlined to efficiently deliver results.


We can help you ensure that you and your staff are spending your time on those things that truly drive revenue for your business rather than continually fighting fires.

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