Organizational Alignment


As the picture above demonstrates, just adding a simple fix to a problem often fails to produce the desired outcome. In fact, it may actually worsen the problem or create new ones. True organizational performance is driven by the alignment of all constituent components of the organization.


Research indicates that organizational factors have twice the impact on firm profit that economic factors do. Our proven methodologies will help your business achieve alignment and improved performance.






There is a reason why organizations get the results that they get. An organization is a complex system composed of many different structures, processes, systems and individuals.


Despite the best intentions of leaders, the brilliance of a product or strategy or the success of a project or change initiative, the ultimate performance of an organization is based on the interactions of all of its parts. We help organizations to align the total system to achieve the desired performance and results.


Taking a systems view of organizations and how they work to produce results, we partner with companies to intentionally design their business to holistically produce the characteristics and results they desire. We do this by focusing on 3 primary practice areas:


  • Organizational Performance
  • Processes and Systems
  • Leadership and Strategy

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